• Engrailed and Carved Powder Horn 10-14"

This Engrailed & Carved Powder Horn is a traditional horn with the features typical of so many originals of the French & Indian War through Revolutionary period. Most notable are the engrailed (scalloped) edge at the base of the carved neck and spout, flat base plug secured with brass nails and decorative, incised lines around the base and neck. Furnished with a latigo leather shoulder strap secured with hand forged iron staples. 10" to 14" in length.

Our powder horns replicate examples produced from before the French & Indian War and up through the Fur Trade Era. Each has features inspired by actual period examples, including the base plugs, finials, and stoppers which are all turned from figured hardwood. Also appropriate to the period, the horns have either been polished or given an antique satin finish.

Engrailed and Carved Powder Horn 10-14"

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