Shipping and Handling

UPSP Priority mail is our default shipping method.  Expedited Priority Express shipping is usually available by request.  Shipping charges as noted are approximate for domestic shipping to the lower 48 States. If, due to number of boxes, size, weight and/or distance, additional postage is due we will send a PayPal invoice via email. Orders being sent to Alaska, Hawaii and all International orders will also be invoiced for any additional shipping & handling charges.  The PayPal invoice can be paid electronically. Your package will ship after the invoice is paid. By placing an order, international customers agree to accept responsibility for loss or damage, since tracking and insurance is not always available for international shipments.

All international customers will receive an invoice for additional postage charges.  We do not ship to China.

Esimated USPS Priority Shipping and Handling by Shopping Cart Total:

  • $13.00 ................ $0 -  $49.99
  • $16.85 ................ $50 -  $99.99
  • $19.85 ................ $100 - $199.00
  • $20.00 ................ $200 - $249.00
  • $25.00 ................ $250 - $399.00
  • $40.00 ................ $400 and up

Shipping is estimated at the time of checkout.  We do not know your exact postage until your order is packaged and weighed.  Sometimes we must send an invoice for additional postage.  

Shipping Insurance

Packages are generally shipped Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Fabric or other heavy packages may be shipped a class other than Priority, such as Standard Post, when available.   We cannot be responsible for loss or damage that occurs in transit. Orders below $50.00 are insured at no additional cost. 

Shipping Insurance is automatically added to all orders.

If you order an item that is temporarily unavailable, due to the very high cost of postage, we will generally wait until your order can be shipped complete, rather than having two or more shipments. This can cause longer delivery times, sometimes a month or more before your order is shipped.  At our discretion we will send two more boxes that may cause additional postage due.

Unfortunately, a business like ours that carries so many handcrafted items may run into trouble with backorders. We share your frustration. Generally, most orders will be held until they can be shipped complete unless you have specific instructions for us.  In some cases an order will be shipped incomplete if we know that an item(s) is unavailable indefinitely, and we will refund that item(s).