Solid metal body constructed of brass. Unlike other brands, this body is NOT made from tubing. This precision channel is fabricated with just enough space for smooth movement of 20 caps. Will feed every cap automatically when held in a vertical position while capping the nipple.
Straightline Percussion Cap Information

The 1055 caps are about .030 taller than any other caps on the market and do not work with any of our cappers, unfortunately.  
CCI #10 Caps are all trimmed to .160 and they all work very good in our Straightline!
Remington #10 caps vary in height from .176- .185,most work ok if they go over .180, they stick
Remington #11 caps vary in height from .146-.150, they all work good. Works well with revolvers, rifle, shotguns and inline action. For loading instructions go to and type in TDCMFG Measures 4-1/2" x 1/4" x 1/4".

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Capper - Universal Straightline

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