• Clay Pipe Long

These hand-made historic reproduction English Clay Pipes bear the same symbol of status now among collectors of fine English Clay Tobacco Pipes as they did in the early 1800’s for the social elite. However, they now symbolize the owner’s knowledge of fine reproduction pieces, highlighting their keen appreciation for quality and accuracy. These charming smoking pieces provide those who truly have a deeper understanding of the time and dedication put into quality reproduction antiquities, with a premium piece worth showcasing.

Perfect for Reenactors and Collectors

English Clay Pipes are perfect for reenactors or recreators of suitable period-piece events. They are also fantastic for collectors of fine reproduction trinkets, antiques, and conversation-starting objects.

Provides a Genuine and Clean Smoking Experience

The English Clay Tobacco Pipe is not just for show. It is an authentic smoking piece from centuries gone, providing its owner with a clean smoking experience. The pipe adds nothing to the flavor of the tobacco, providing a clean smoke that highlights only the true taste of the tobacco.  8.5" x 1" x 1.75"

Clay Pipe Long

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