Gaiters were a constant in colonial military or frontier dress. Introduced in 1701 during the Queen Anne's War, they became more essential during the French and Indian War when frontier campaigns and exposure to Native Americans tribes became more prevalent. The book Daily Life of the Old Colonial Frontier describes the private soldier during this time as wearing (among other things) pair of gaiters made of canvass, one water-resistant pair made of linen canvass and blackened with tar, and one pair of black woolen cloth".

These gaiters are made from wool (with center front and center back seams), measure 24" long and are enclosed on the outer edge by either white bone or black horn buttons (no choice).  The top leg opening is about 18". No customization available because we do not make these ourselves. Good starter gaiters.  Price is for one pair of gaiters.

Gaiters Tall Wool Off-The-Rack

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