• Baldric 1750-1815 Single Frog Black and White

Now includes belt keeper. 1770's colonial (American) single frog sword or bayonet baldric. Solid brass buckle. White with black frog. Leather weights vary. Typically made with 7-9 ounce leather. Frog opening is about 2.5" wide. Strap is about 2-1/8" to 2-3/16" wide and 65-69" total length.   You may need to trim excess length or add a hole to fine tune your fit. You may need to polish the buckle since something in the white leather tanning process tends to tarnish the brass quickly. Depending upon the hide we currently have, you may expect the rough side to shed until leather is well-worn, buffed or sanded.

All baldrics are made to carry on the wearer's right shoulder unless requested otherwise.

NOTE: Shade of white leather may vary. Color is dependent upon the hide currently available. 

Baldric 1750-1815 Single Frog Black and White

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