Now made with cool, light weight, 3.5oz, 100% linen! Front closing gown and petticoat. Mid 18th century Robe à l’Anglaise (English robe) style, closes edge to edge or overlaps at the bodice front. May be pinned with brass pins  (purchase separately on our "Miscellaneous" page), small straight pins (purchased at any fabric store), laced or tied with included twill tape, or you may purchase 5 yards of silk ribbon separately on our "Ribbon" page. Petticoat may be same color or a different color. Sleeves are plain or single flounced.   Available colors vary from time to time.

Upon receipt of your order we will contact you, via email, requesting certain measurements, colors and details. There may be a small charge for larger sizes. The finished garment will be historically accurate, and will have no exposed machine stitching, with the exception of eyelets.

Gown Linen

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