• Hunting Frock Pullover Wool Off-The-Rack
Patterned after an original documented in The Frontier Rifleman. The fabric is 80% wool, 20% nylon, dyed a natural walnut, which is a greyish-brown color. The pullover runs large and is quite comfortable with gussets under the arms to allow plenty of room for movement, or for wear over other layers of clothing. The extra length will keep you warmer than shorter garments and it is nicely fringed at the collar and along the bottom edge, with a double row of decorative fringe at the cuffs. Available in M, L, XL, and XXL. This item is not made by the Quartermaster General so we cannot customize it. We own one of these wool shirts and we washed it in cool water then fluffed dry on a no-heat setting. That made it soft, fluffy, sweet-smelling, and removed all of the wrinkles. As with any wool, if you choose to wash and dry it be careful that you do not shrink it, because we can not be responsible if you do!

Hunting Frock Pullover Wool Off-The-Rack

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