Over-the-knee or knee gaiters. The top two button holes match on both sides so the gaiters can be buttoned to your breeches buttons. Purchase 28, 5/8" or smaller, buttons separately on our button page. Gaiters will be the correct height, but too wide. You will slit the button holes, sew on the buttons then button the gaiters, turn them inside out and slide them on. Gather up the excess material at the center back, staple it, sew it, then remove the staples and cut off any excess fabric. May be worn with leather garters sold separately on our "Leather Goods" page.  Over-the-knee is about 24" tall. Made shorter upon request. Choose Brown, Black or Natural.
Small = fits up to 18" top leg opening
Medium = 19" top leg opening
Large = 20" top leg opening
XL = 21.5" top leg opening
XXL = 22.5" leg opening
XXXL = 24" leg opening

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Gaiters Canvas Tall Kit

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