Not comfortable wearing boned stays around camp but still want to be period correct?   Jumps are un-boned, informal, working undergarments with straps and tabs for the ultimate in comfort.

A word about wear.  There are depictions of peasant women working in their jumps (often quilted) and shift sleeves.  If you leave your camp, add a jacket.  In the words of E MacFarlane, "If you are portraying a prostitute, slattern or hoyden, you can dress for the part in uncovered stays."

There is one bone next to each row of eyelets to give shape and support to your front. They are comfortable, period correct undergarments for working around camp. Front lacing, reversible. Choose two colors of canvas.  Colors are subject to current availability. Bound with natural suede leather.
Order by even bust measurement from 32 to 48 (NOT bra size). If you are between sizes, choose the smaller size and add optional back lacing, which results in the most flexible fit. Available in bust measurement 32-52.

Upon receipt of your order we will contact you via email for colors and other necessary details.  ORDERS FOR STAYS OR JUMPS CANNOT BE CANCELED, SINCE WE BEGIN PROCURING MATERIALS AND WORKING ON YOUR STAYS IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT OF YOUR ORDER.

18th C Style Jumps

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