• Hemp Cord 1mm - 20lb
Hemp cord is a natural product with a natural color.  Our hemp cord spools are waxed and polished to eliminate stray fibers and maintain strand consistency.  Spool Size: 206 Feet

It can be a bit confusing to purchase hemp cord as the traditional method of gauging the product is by its test strength. For example, the most popular size for creating hemp jewelry is 20# (the "#" refers to pounds). This indicates that the cord has the test strength of holding 20 pounds (9 kilograms) before it will weaken and eventually break.

20# vs 48#
20# test strength (1mm diameter) size hemp cord are made of 3 strands of 2-ply yarn for a total of 6 strands. 48# test strength is 2mm in diameter.

Hemp Cord is Superior 
The distinction between hemp twine and hemp cord is evident in this high quality hemp product. While twine consists of several single strands of yarn that are twisted together, cord consists of several pieces of multi-plied yarns that are then twisted together to make the cord. The result of this 'double-twisting' effect is almost a mini-rope that is makes a much smoother and more uniform finished yarn then the twine, and which is also stronger then twine by virtue of the double-twisting. Perfect for projects where a smooth, even look is required.

Hemp Cord 1mm - 20lb

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